E 17-02-2000 : El RingO Micro Button is alive ! Go to headline section.

 E 06-02-2000 : The search page is online. You can use the second search engine for the most popular search gateway.

 E 02-02-2000 : El RingO Company is proud to present his new web service. You can now search your old friends, old loves... You can make many contacts, meet them online and more. Simple as one-two-three, become a member.

 H 30-01-2000 : We have worked ! The news section is alive. El RingO Web is a community, so we make alive all sections as soon as possible. If you want other sections that they aren't here, please email the team.

 E 29-01-2000 : Hurry UP !!!  El Ringo is open !
El RingO Team is proud to present this new web service. This new site is for a new community. Most people want to retrieve a friend, a sister, a brother, an old love perhaps. We want to create a community to help anyone. This community is for now only for people who want to retrieve people which they have go to school together or other. The best for you is to send a photo with a group of person you want to found. Take one second in the member section to fill the form and send a photo. Check the member section.




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